Our Sponsors

Our sponsors are the real deal. We don't take hand-me-downs from 2nd rate company sponsors like *cough* Coors or Budweiser. Show them love and they will do so in return.

The Creekside Brewing Company

The Creekside Brewing Company is a new brewery downtown. They give us great deals and brew tons of beer right there onsight! They are going to be our new meeting place. So come on down Saturdays at 5:30 PM for some great beer and come great times with the Brew Crew!
Doc's Cellar

Doc's Cellar is the homebrew shop of SLO. Go here for all your brewing needs - supplies, gear, or advice. These guys know WAAAAY more about beer than your uncle. They will teach you ANYTHING you need to know and that's not even their job. They just love beer! Make sure you have an hour or two to kill if you plan on asking any questions, they've got way more answers than radioshack. Bring em' a beer you've made and they'll be more than happy to critique it for you!

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