- Benefits

For only $20 per quarter (or $50 a year) you get:
  • An official Brew Crew ID Card
    • Valid through the end of the quarter/term
  • Discounts:
    • Downtown Brewing Company: 50% off beer and mixed drinks!
    • Spike's: 10% off!
    • Frog and Peach: Every Night Pint Night!
    • Doc's Cellar: 10% off!
  • The opportunity to meet and brew with new people who love beer!
  • Free entry into Brew Crew homebrewing competitions
  • Access to homebrewing literature available for checkout
  • This sick-ass shirt:

- To Become A Member

  1. Step 1 - Send Us Your Info And Picture!
    • Email your name, phone number, a wacky picture of yourself, and your address to our Tech Ex (Travis McMillon) at so we can send you your ID card and update you with the latest Brew Crew news!
  2. Step 2 - Pay your membership fee...
    • Membership is $20 for this quarter. Or pay $50 for the whole year! All proceeds from the membership fees go directly toward brewing!
  3. Step 3 - Drink Up!
    • Welcome! You will receive your flashy Brew Crew ID within a week after you register. Or let one of us know that you will be coming to our next meeting and you can get it there! As part of the Brew Crew, you have joined the ranks of the brewing community! Feel free to ask questions, experiment, express yourself, and (most importantly) drink GREAT beer

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