About Us

Our Mission : Quality Beer!

"Whether you want to learn how to brew, or get downright sick deals at the bars, the Brew Crew is here for you!"

We want to give everyone the opportunity to learn about great beer! Whether this means learning how to brew it yourself, or getting discounts at the bars, the Brew Crew wants you to put down the Natty Light, and learn about this beverage's complexity and rich history! For about 20 years, homebrewing has been raising the standards for beer in America and we want to continue the tradition by providing an outlet for people to learn about and experiment with many differents styles.

Our meetings are open to all members of the community! Whether you have never tried a beer in your life, or you are an advanced home or professional brewer, we would love to have you! When you attend you will get to help make beer and observe how everyday ingredients come together to form a successful recipe. If you are further interested, we can assist you with your homebrewing. And if you know more than us (this is easily possible), we would love to learn from you!

So, Come join the Cal Poly Brew Crew! And help us raise the standards and reputation of quality beer in America!

At all times the Cal Poly Brew Crew promotes responsibility in consuming alcohol.

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